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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Openivo inception meeting - Day One

We had a great day on the boat yesterday.

Project Owner: Marc Allan Feldman, Virtual Entrepreneur, Advanced Advertising/SocialTV

Facilitator: Brian Levy

Agile Apprentice: Ben Woznicki

Agile Strategist: Doc Norton

Consultant: Brad Templeton
Open source software architect, civil rights advocate and entrepreneur.
You can see an relevant essay by Brad at
You can also see an excellent lecture Brad gave on the topic of the Future of Computer Security at:

Consultant: Jason Stradley
Visionary security executive, US & Canada Security Practice Lead at BT Global Services
Jason has more 25 years of experience and leadership in providing solutions for complex enterprise environments in the following areas; Multi-platform, Multi-protocol network architecture, design and implementation, information protection and network security.
Jason gave a nice presentation on "Endpoint Security Management: Trust but Verify" available at

Consultant: Sid Good
Strategic planning and new product development, Good Marketing, Inc.

The agenda for the week:

o Purpose- We establish the purpose, benefits, goals and metrics for the project
o Strategy- We discuss our overall strategy for execution including timelines and team composition
o Tactics- We lay out a plan for the execution including roles, working agreements, regular meetings and intended cadence
o Comprehension- We will quickly and collaboratively improve our understanding of the product content and the solution we intend to deliver
o Creation- Artifacts of discovery include product goals and metrics, lightweight personas, a user story map, a release roadmap and wireframes
o Refinement- We delve into those deliverable items that will comprise the next few weeks of work, discussing details of the design and acceptance criteria
o Commitment- We discuss the work before us and commit to deliver during the next work cycle

Today we reviewed an outline of the Agile process. Discussed the current stakeholders and their pain points. This included:

Television viewers
Ad agencies
Cable/Satellite providers
Broadcast Networks

We weighted the relative opportunities with each group. The consensus was to focus on the needs of viewers and sponsors.

I look forward to press on today with discussion on how to prioritize the features of a minimally marketable system to meet the needs of the stakeholders.