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Thursday, January 8, 2015


A disruptive idea:.  an entirely new form of marketing: I call it suivertising, or advertising and marketing to oneself.

We know the power of marketing to establish a brand to mold and change consumer behavior. The goal is for the company to drive demand to the most profitable products.

The goal of suivertising is to change consumer demand, not for the company to maximize profits, but rather for the consumer to improve life. Imagine television programming and commercials designed to change consumer demand to eat healthier, lose weight, quit smoking, care about other people, control anger, and improve interpersonal relationships.

An internet-connected computer dvr with appropriate software could choose the television programming and insert individualized program breaks to eliminate commercials for fast food and fast cars, and instead add in, at the request of the viewer, effective public service programming to change behavior.

The software can all be based on open source such as the Kodi platform (formerly XBMC). The venture could be financed at very low risk starting with a Kickstarter program to raise funds directly from future users.