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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TV ads that find their own market

The OpenIVO system is not software or a network, but a community. It is a single community of viewers, developers, and advertisers working together to transform and improve the television experience.

Who makes the well-worn path through the woods? Everyone who travels contributes just by walking. Similarly, the OpenIVO system could enable TV ads that find their own market.

Traditionally, marketers identify a particular demographic to target, and buy ads with tv programs with good penetrations in that market. The Openivo system would allow ad delivery to a heterogenous group, and test who watches and responds to ads and who skips them. The ads could then propagate to similar viewers to those who watched the ad, social network contacts, etc. Data could be collected and analysed in real time to develop algorithms to send the ads only to the people who are likeliest to respond. Demographic reports can then go to the advertiser identifying the market segments that are the responders.

This would have the effect both of increasing the ROI for the advertiser and showing the viewers the ads they would find most relevant and enjoyable.

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