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Monday, December 13, 2010

Conventional and unconventional wisdom

The OPENIVO concept may be difficult to understand as it goes against several established paradigms. This presents challenges, but also opportunities.

Conventional wisdom:
Ad-supported free television is dead.
Improve TV by making it more interactive.
DVRs are used mainly to avoid commercials
TV must be enhanced by adding web content.
Connecting a TV to a computer is complicated.
Having a TV connected to a computer makes it more difficult to use.

Unconventional wisdom:
You can connect a computer to the TV to organize, simplify, and improve the viewing experience. A computer can make the TV a better storyteller, without requiring interactivity.
Addressable advertising would not only be acceptable, but highly desirable to the viewer if:
1. All ads are skip-able. Watching the ad is under the control of the viewer.
2. Ads are well done and targeted to be of entertainment value and interest to the viewer.
3. The viewer knows that their private information is secure and will not be abused.
4. They are getting significant value for sharing their private data.

People will watch and enjoy commercials if they are good and relevant to the viewer. Targeted advertising will make the system free to the viewer.

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