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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do-it-yourself TV ads

The Openivo system allows the auction of an unlimited inventory of available TV ads. The system allows targeting on any demographic or interest basis. Targeting can also be done on a local basis down to the household, or even to the individual in the household, like an email.
Would the availability of TV ads to a huge number of local advertisers require an army of ad agents and creative? Could acceptable ads be created by small business advertisers? Before the typewriter, printing had to be done by professional typesetters. Now very professional documents can be created (and spelling and grammar checked) using software.

Software is now available for the individual production of TV ads. I was asked by friends in the Libertarian Party to run for Attorney General for the state of Ohio. No, I am not a lawyer, but I was intrigued by the adventure. I had a very limited budget. I made the attached TV ad myself for about $150 using Spotmixer. It took about 1 hour with voiceover by me. I bought TV ad slots through the auction system at Google TV ads. Google does not yet have a system for geographic targeting. You can target by network. One of the broadcast networks carried by Google is SportsTimeOhioHD on DISH. I ran 100 spots over one week on Sportstime Ohio HD. I bought the spots by auction on Google TV ads for $1.70 each. I received about 100,000 views according to the Google report. What do you think? It only received 450 views on YouTube.

Imagine the increase in revenue when small businesses can afford TV advertising to their local areas.

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